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FAQ - When will show results be posted?

As soon as we receive and process them. The individual horse shows e-mail results to the IHJA. We then process the results and post the updated membership points on the website. If the show calendar web page indicates "results not yet received", then the IHJA has not received the results from the show. The IHJA has no access to the results until the show secretaries e-mail them to us. Please be patient. We cannot post results that we have not received.

What is the difference between Hunter/Jumper and Equitation points?

Hunter and Jumper classes are judged on the horse, and points are awarded to the horse and the person who registered the horse, regardless of who rides the horse in the class. In fact different people can ride the horse (at different shows) and all points get combined under the horse's name.

Equitation classes are judged on the rider, and points are awarded to the rider, regardless of what horse they rode. In fact, the rider can ride different horses (at different shows) and all points get combined under the rider's name.

How do I change my IHJA membership information?

Print, complete, and mail or fax an IHJA Membership Change Form to the IHJA office (at the address or fax number shown on the form or here).

How do I join the IHJA?

Print, complete, and mail the IHJA Membership Application, along with payment, to the IHJA office (at the address shown on the form or here).

How do I renew my IHJA membership?

Pre-printed membership renewal forms will be mailed in October. Mark any changes on the form and return it, along with payment, to the IHJA office (at the address shown on the form).

Can I join or renew at the horse show?

You can renew or join at IHJA sanctioned shows held within Illinois. However, doing so may delay posting of your points. We recommend renewing or joining before you go to the show.

Horse show results are e-mailed to the IHJA where they are electronically processed and are often posted the day after the show.

However, IHJA membership applications and renewals (as well as membership change forms) are forwarded (via US Mail) from the horse show office to the IHJA office. After being received in the IHJA office, memberships are entered in the membership database. After the memberships are entered, the points are recalculated and reposted. IHJA memberships submitted at the horse show office may not be reflected on the IHJA website for several weeks.

To see your points as soon as possible, mail your membership directly to the IHJA office 10 -14 days BEFORE you go to the horse show. That way you and your horse will be entered in the database and your points can get posted right away.

Also, be aware that horse and rider names received from the horse show are matched against your membership information. Mismatches will delay points postings, so send us an e-mail ASAP if your name (or your horse's name) are not correct on this website.