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IHJA A Circuit 2023 Grand Hunter Champion
Place Horse or Rider Division Points
1GIVIERAHigh Performance Hunter357
2FORTUNE FAVORSPerformance Hunter 3ft6318.5
3A FELIX DELL' AGreen Hunter 3ft6259
4HIGHLIFEPerformance Hunter 3ft3225
5COSTARGreen Hunter 3ft6174
6NORTHSTARPerformance Hunter 3ft3161
7ZORROPerformance Hunter 3ft3115.5
8MTM WINSOMEPerformance Hunter 3ft6108.5
9MONACOPerformance Hunter 3ft398
10CAHDOUPerformance Hunter 3ft694
11MTM PASSPORTPerformance Hunter 3ft682
12LIGHT DANCEPerformance Hunter 3ft370
13HAMILTONPerformance Hunter 3ft366.5
14CONENZOPerformance Hunter 3ft664
15VALENTINOPerformance Hunter 3ft351.5
16ROSALITAGreen Hunter 3ft950
17ALLURE DVEPerformance Hunter 3ft641
18ERVINPerformance Hunter 3ft340
19CORDESSCOPerformance Hunter 3ft339.5
20NORTHSTARPerformance Hunter 3ft638
21SNAPCHATPerformance Hunter 3ft324.5
22MTM JOLLYRANCHERPerformance Hunter 3ft320.5
23COSTARPerformance Hunter 3ft619
24FORTUNE FAVORSPerformance Hunter 3ft318
25CORDESSCOPerformance Hunter 3ft618
26REVEREN SARGOUNPerformance Hunter 3ft618
27JACKSON DU COEOR DES COLLINESPerformance Hunter 3ft315
28HIGHLIFEPerformance Hunter 3ft615
29MTM LANCELOTPerformance Hunter 3ft312
30VIKTOR NPerformance Hunter 3ft611.5
31BISOUSPerformance Hunter 3ft310
32DESANTOSPerformance Hunter 3ft310
33LUCEROPerformance Hunter 3ft68
34CALVINPerformance Hunter 3ft38
35TRUE NORTHPerformance Hunter 3ft68
36TRUSTEDPerformance Hunter 3ft37.5
37JACKSON DU COEOR DES COLLINESPerformance Hunter 3ft67
38KING OF LEONPerformance Hunter 3ft66
39MTM LOLLIPOPPerformance Hunter 3ft36
40ERVINPerformance Hunter 3ft66
41CARLOS ZPerformance Hunter 3ft34
42REVEREN SARGOUNPerformance Hunter 3ft34
43ROSALITAPerformance Hunter 3ft33
44ALLURE DVEPerformance Hunter 3ft32
45ZENTRIXPerformance Hunter 3ft32
46VENLO QPerformance Hunter 3ft32
47CHAP LPerformance Hunter 3ft32
48MY WINGMANPerformance Hunter 3ft32
49VIKTOR NPerformance Hunter 3ft31.5
50KING OF LEONPerformance Hunter 3ft31
51CHARISMA 14Performance Hunter 3ft30.5
52CARLOS ZPerformance Hunter 3ft60.5