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IHJA A Circuit 2023 Keepen Posted Perpetual Trophy
Place Horse or Rider Division Points
1NORA BAdult Jumper 1.15m378
2BATIEZALow Adult Jumper 1.0m180
3FALYNAH BModified Children's Jumper .95m174.5
4MTM MARVELPuddle Jumper .75-.80m173.5
5PAINTOPOTAMUSPuddle Jumper .75-.80m171
6CARISSIMAChildren's Jumper 1.15m154
7MIRACLES HAPPENModified Children's Jumper .95m148
8QAHNAARINPuddle Jumper .75-.80m145.5
9MIRACLES HAPPENLow Children's Jumper 1.0m116
10CORRADINOLow Children's Jumper 1.0m116
11PISTACHIOModified Children's Jumper .95m109.5
12EXPENSIVE ICELow Children's Jumper 1.0m105
13EXPENSIVE ICEChildren's Jumper 1.15m93.5
14HIERONYMUS BAdult Jumper 1.15m92
15MTM MARCOSPuddle Jumper .75-.80m91.5
16ULTRA NICEModified Adult Jumper .95m88.5
17CORRADINOModified Children's Jumper .95m81
18FANTIZIPuddle Jumper .75-.80m79
19LEONIDASPuddle Jumper .75-.80m74.5
20FROSTYPuddle Jumper .75-.80m73
21HICKSTEADS CURTAIN CALLModified Children's Jumper .95m72
22MTM MARCOSModified Children's Jumper .95m70
23STORYTIME GODDESSPuddle Jumper .75-.80m67
24ISLAND TIMEPuddle Jumper .75-.80m66
25CROWN RAPHIRE ZLow Adult Jumper 1.0m64
26TAP DANCEPuddle Jumper .75-.80m64
27BATIEZAAdult Jumper 1.15m64
28SALVOAdult Jumper 1.15m63.5
29C. KARPE DIEMPuddle Jumper .75-.80m63
30SONG NUMBER TWOPuddle Jumper .75-.80m62.5
31MTM EN FUEGO ESLow Children's Jumper 1.0m61.5
32WT LIGHTYEARModified Adult Jumper .95m60
33OLD GRANDAD 114Low Adult Jumper 1.0m60
34PEAKY BLINDERSModified Children's Jumper .95m57
35ALATRIUSLow Children's Jumper 1.0m56
36STARPuddle Jumper .75-.80m54
37ROC-A-FELLERPuddle Jumper .75-.80m52.5
38CHARLOTTELow Adult Jumper 1.0m52
39MTM LANCELOTModified Children's Jumper .95m48.5
40CARISSIMALow Children's Jumper 1.0m48
41MTM MARCOSLow Children's Jumper 1.0m48
42EL TIGRELow Children's Jumper 1.0m46.5
43MAE BELLELow Children's Jumper 1.0m46
44UHURA ODFAdult Jumper 1.15m45
45CROWN RAPHIRE ZModified Adult Jumper .95m44
46MAE BELLEPuddle Jumper .75-.80m42.5
47MY GOODNESS MY GUINNESSPuddle Jumper .75-.80m42
48MTM EN FUEGO ESChildren's Jumper 1.15m38
49MTM LANCELOTLow Children's Jumper 1.0m38
50TIME VARIANCE AUTHORITYPuddle Jumper .75-.80m37
51CASANOVAModified Adult Jumper .95m37
52C. KARPE DIEMModified Adult Jumper .95m36
53MTM CHEPETTOModified Adult Jumper .95m36
54MAE BELLEModified Children's Jumper .95m36
55MY GOODNESS MY GUINNESSModified Adult Jumper .95m35
56HC EliModified Adult Jumper .95m33
57AIR TIMEModified Adult Jumper .95m32.5
58FLORIDA SModified Children's Jumper .95m32
59CASSALORDLow Adult Jumper 1.0m32
60CAPRIOSO 2Puddle Jumper .75-.80m32
61S & L DOWNTOWNPuddle Jumper .75-.80m29.5
62LANDRAAdult Jumper 1.15m28.5
63MARINERModified Adult Jumper .95m28
64INSPIRADA HPFLow Children's Jumper 1.0m27
65LODGEHELD LILV1Low Children's Jumper 1.0m26
66INSPIRADA HPFModified Children's Jumper .95m22
67HIGH COTTONPuddle Jumper .75-.80m22
68LODGEHELD LILV1Children's Jumper 1.15m21
69DOLLTAIREChildren's Jumper 1.15m20
70BEIJING BLUESLow Adult Jumper 1.0m18
71AIR TIMELow Adult Jumper 1.0m18
72DIAMANTE DIAROLow Adult Jumper 1.0m17.5
73THE GRADUATEModified Adult Jumper .95m16.5
74DIAMOND STARPuddle Jumper .75-.80m16.5
75FLORIDA SLow Children's Jumper 1.0m16
76IMAGINE THATLow Adult Jumper 1.0m14
77ULTRA NICELow Adult Jumper 1.0m14
78LIGHT DANCEChildren's Jumper 1.15m14
79MIRACLES HAPPENChildren's Jumper 1.15m14
80A CONSUL DRUMMERPuddle Jumper .75-.80m13.5
81CALLISTO ZModified Children's Jumper .95m13.5
82CASIAModified Adult Jumper .95m12.5
83RONALDOPuddle Jumper .75-.80m12
84GAMBLERLow Adult Jumper 1.0m12
85MARINERPuddle Jumper .75-.80m12
86CROWN RAPHIRE ZAdult Jumper 1.15m10
87CALLISTO ZPuddle Jumper .75-.80m10
88REVOLVERLow Children's Jumper 1.0m10
89PEAKY BLINDERSLow Children's Jumper 1.0m10
90DIAMANTE DIAROModified Adult Jumper .95m10
91HICKSTEADS CURTAIN CALLPuddle Jumper .75-.80m10
92GRYFFINDORPuddle Jumper .75-.80m10
93OLD GRANDAD 114Adult Jumper 1.15m8
94WT LIGHTYEARAdult Jumper 1.15m8
95HIERONYMUS BLow Adult Jumper 1.0m7
96SOMETHING TO CHACOBOUTPuddle Jumper .75-.80m7
97REVOLVERChildren's Jumper 1.15m7
98KING OF LEONLow Children's Jumper 1.0m6
99ISHEE UP FIRSTLow Children's Jumper 1.0m6
100ORIONPuddle Jumper .75-.80m6
101DIAMOND STARModified Adult Jumper .95m5.5
102ISHEE UP FIRSTModified Children's Jumper .95m5
103EVERLASTING GOODNESSPuddle Jumper .75-.80m4
104MARINERModified Children's Jumper .95m4
105BLURRED LINESPuddle Jumper .75-.80m4
106SARA BModified Adult Jumper .95m4
107KALLISKO HModified Adult Jumper .95m4
108CHARLOTTEModified Adult Jumper .95m4
109LORD LUXLow Children's Jumper 1.0m4
110BEIJING BLUESModified Adult Jumper .95m4
111LORD LUXModified Children's Jumper .95m3.5
112SEA GLASSChildren's Jumper 1.15m3
113UTOPIA IIIPuddle Jumper .75-.80m3
114ROC-A-FELLERModified Children's Jumper .95m3
115NORDIC VAN DEN BISSCHOPAdult Jumper 1.15m3
116CHARISMA 14Children's Jumper 1.15m3
117JET LUCKY 22Children's Jumper 1.15m2
118SPECIAL ENVOYLow Children's Jumper 1.0m2
119A CONSUL DRUMMERModified Adult Jumper .95m2
120LA TATBRA CESSNAPuddle Jumper .75-.80m2
121PISTACHIOLow Children's Jumper 1.0m2
122CORDESSCOModified Children's Jumper .95m2
123HIT ME VAN'T ZORGULIETModified Adult Jumper .95m2
124NECOLASChildren's Jumper 1.15m1.5
125CENTRICPuddle Jumper .75-.80m1
126QAHNAARINModified Children's Jumper .95m1
127PAINTOPOTAMUSModified Children's Jumper .95m1
128MONACOModified Adult Jumper .95m1
129LANDRALow Adult Jumper 1.0m1
130SARA BPuddle Jumper .75-.80m0.5
131SALVOPuddle Jumper .75-.80m0.5
132AIR TIMEPuddle Jumper .75-.80m0.5
133MTM CABOOMModified Children's Jumper .95m0.5
134LODGEHELD LILV1Modified Children's Jumper .95m0.5