IHJA Points

Horses by Name - A Circuit 2018
A Bit of Spunk A Very Fairy Tale Abaco Above Board RJC
Alastair Albert Alessio Alexander
All Aboard Altarius Amadeo Amelia Komigin Von Teuren
Amerikan Romance Amigo Amour De La Vallee Amsterdam
Amulette de Cartier Anabell Andiamo Antalya
Arabella Ares Arragon Artful Mister
As Di So Grand Ashland Astaire
Babar Babe Balvenie Bandido
Barina Bazinga 18 Beachin Beckton
Bella D'Uno Benevolence Benjamin Twist Bentley
Betcha Know Me Now Biblia Bishop Black Label
Blu Sanvalou Blue Blue James Blue Bob Des Baumeister
Bohemian Bond Girl Bonfever Bravo
Brookpark Matilda Brownland's Coffee Bean Brownland's Last Call Buenos Aires
Cabriolet 18 Cadence E.X. Calvin Can you Keep a Secret
Candy Land Caprioso 2 Carbonado Carlotta W
Cashmere Casino Cassini du Boy Cassinis Circo
Cassius Cathanos Kismet Cayanne Pepper Centomani
Centurion B Chagall Chance of Flurries Chane. d'Avalon
Charactarr Charlotte Charm 18 Charming
Chasinta Check Me Out Check Point 18 Chiarina
Ciao Bella Ciara Cisco Kid Claas Clever
Claudius Clovermeade Bunnymoon Coletrane Soul Conelly
Contral Cool Spell Cornerstone Cristallo
Csepel Cubscout BG Cullen Cumano Boy Z
Denali Dexter Dharmawind Diablo Rouge
Diego VD Endepoel Dixie Chick Donnalaris Don't Count Me Out
Don't Tell Daddy Double Agent TR Double Intentions Dream Boy
Dreaming Out Loud
Easter Ebano G Edgewoods Willow Eileen
Einstein Electra PW Eli Ellis Island
Eloquence Elphaba Esparta Eubala
Ever So Clever Everlasting Goodness Exemplar Exxon's M en M
Eye Spy Sumthin Blue
Faith In Ramona Faithfully Fast Track Feather
Fernleigh Fiera Fiesta W Finders Keepers
Finn Finnegan Firefly Flat Stanley
For Carats For Keeps For Luck Forever and Always
Forever Divine Fortune Favors Front Page Fugaszi
Gaelic Gaining Attitude Gallardo Galway Girl
George Jetson Gesinus B Giovanni VK Glynhafan Red Kestral
Go Cubs Go Gomeri Della Caccia Good Training Got Milk
Grandeur B Griffin
Harlem Shake Harry Winston Hasta Having Said That
Helicon Friends Forever Henry Hidden Spring Fennel High Cotton
Hillcrest Song Bird Hindsight HJ Adelle HJ Atleta 11
Hollywood Diva Homestead Honey Nut Cheerio
Icon B Insignia Inspector Gadget Irma La Douce V'T hemelszoet
It's All Good
J' Adore Jabari 18 Jabulani 18 Jackpot
Janan 18 Jennifer Grey Jersey Blue Jessandi Famous Amos
Jumana18 Jupiter Just For Fun
Kaboom 18 Keepen Posted Kilina 18 Kings Landing
Knight of My Heart Konig
Lady Aligator ABF LaJolla Landia 5 Lanesborough
Langdon Street Lasting Impression Legacy B Legendary
Leonidas Letano Liberty Mariposa Little Paul
Loafers Lodge Ponelope Lothario Lovey Lucca
Lulu Davis Luminaria Lycos
Maisie Grace Malaguenna 18 Maliblue Marcazarr
Marquis Marvel Matinee Matinee
McLovin Memorable Meridiano Mi Amor
Miracles Happen MJ Winks Monopoly Moody Blues
Morocco Blue 18 Moves Like Jagger Mrs. Wilkinson MTM Selfie
My Dusty Rose
Nabuco Nickelodeon Noble Guardian Noel Matine
Northern Lights
Oblivion Oceanside Okiedokie On Tour
Paco L Pay It Forward Peaches Peppermint Twist
Pineapple Pink Cadillac Piper Plainsboro
Poetic Polaris Star Pop Kulture Presley
Presley Presley Prince Caspian Prince of Narnia
Princeton Providence Pumpkin Pie Pyron Boot Scootin Lucy
Quantico Quattro 39 Que Tal Queen of Hearts
Questa Copriole Quidam's Valentino Quintessence 18 Quon CCW
Radioactive Rarity Ravati 18 Ravello
Ravishing 18 Razzmatazz Really Truly Rebel
Red Bandit Reepicheet Reina Rejoice RJC
Remarkable Remarkable Lass Remington Replique
Requested 18 Revelry 18 Revere Reverie 18
Reykjavik 18 RF Theodore Riot 18 River
River Roc 10 Roc Candy 18 Roc Canyon Roc Hunter 18
Roc My Soul 18 Roc N Groovy Roc-ette RJC Roche
Rock On Rock the Gold Roc's All That Romeo
Romy Rosecroft E Claire Royal Descent Royal Seven
Rubaiyat 18 Rubicon Ruby Slippers Rule The Air
Rumor Has It
S & L Downtown S & L Sander S.S. Couture Salina K
Salute Samson Sani Belle Z Santa Cruz
Santa Fe Schroder SCS Leviosa Serafina
Sharp Dressed Man Sheldon Cooper Shockers Son Jimmy Should've Been A Cowboy
Sierra Nevada Silver Lining Silver Star Simply Said
Single Handed Skywalker Snickerbear Snow Day
So True Sokko Southwest Charmer Soya
Splash Down SS Coyture Star Start Me Up
Steel The Show Stellar Stingray 78 Stonewall Spring Fever
Stonewall Stratus Stonewall Texas Sugarbrook Blue Sasafras Sunny Day
Sunrise Sunshine and Whiskey Sur La Lune Surprise Party
Sweet Tea Syrah
Talledaga Tallulah Tamalhu Tarco
Tarry a Bit Sweet William The Countess The Editor The Playmaker
The Prince Theodore Tilikum Time Out
Top Notch Five Tophat and Tails Tortuga Total Eclipse
Tra-la-la Tresor Du Perron True North Tuidam
Tvotty Veck
Ultima Amigo Upcountry Cetric Upsilos Vida Uriah
V Cassaro Valerius Valladam Vanity Fair
Velvet NZPH Veronique Victorious Vince
Virantos Voyageur
Wall Street Dimon Where's Waldo Willow Windy V
Wiperwill MS Blue Jade With A Twist Woodrow Call
Zalicia Zandro Zelda Ziggy Stardust