Illinois Hunter & Jumper Association - 2003 Competition Year

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Amateur Adult Hunter 18-35
Amateur Adult Hunter 36-50
Amateur Adult Hunter 51 & Over
Amateur Owner Hunter 18-35
Amateur Owner Hunter Over 35
Baby Green Hunter
Children's Pony Hunter
Children's Working Hunter 14 & Under
Children's Working Hunter 15-17
First Year Green Working Hunter
Green Conformation Hunter
Green Pony Hunter
Hunter Breeding - 2 Year Olds
Hunter Breeding - 3 Year Olds
Hunter Breeding - Yearlings
Large Junior Hunter
Large Pony Hunter
Low Working Hunter
Medium Pony Hunter
Non Thoroughbred
Novice Adult Hunter
Novice Children's Hunter
Pre Green Hunter
Regular Conformation Hunter
Regular Working Hunter
Second Year Green Working Hunter
Short Stirrup Hunter
Small Junior Hunter
Small Pony Hunter
Adult Jumper
Children's Jumper
Junior Amateur Jumper
Modified Jumper
Novice Child / Adult Jumper
Pony Jumper
Training Jumper
IHJA Medal Finals Results
Adult Equitation
Equitation 11 & Under
Equitation 12-14 Horses
Equitation 12-14 Ponies
Equitation 15-17
Short Stirrup Equitation